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Re: File naming policy.


Le 08/10/2010 04:11, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
On 10/7/2010 5:02 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
On 10/07/2010 01:59 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
I'm getting ready to do some refactoring of the library object code and I would
like to split the component library object file classes_body_items.cpp into
individual files per object.  This file is currently over 2000 lines long and
has become unwieldy to edit.  One thing I'm not particularly thrill about is
the current class_foo.cpp file naming scheme.  It seems redundant to me prefix
class_ to C++ source files.  Would any one object to them not be prefixed with
class_.  In other words lib_arc.cpp, lib_circle.cpp, lib_rectangle.cpp, etc.  I
would like to get this complete before we create the branch for the new library
stuff to prevent merge issues.  There is no formal policy on this so I thought
I would ask before I plow ahead.


I thought that was something dear to Jean Pierre.  For me the version
control system support for renaming is a factor.  bzr says it handles
it.  Mostly I don't care, because for the work I would do in a separate
branch, I would not even start with any existing files.

I think you are correct about JP liking the class prefix.  In fact I may
have been the one to ask this before.  It's hell getting old.  The
memory is the first thing to go.
I used class_xxx as an easy way to find files relative to the xxx item
a name like lib_item_xx (lib_item_arc.cpp, lib_item_arc.h) or sch_item_xxx is OK for me.

We also must consider moving some files to a subdirectory.
I am thinking mainly to *.fbp files and the automatically generated files by wxFormBuilder.
But this can be made for some other files (all dialogs ?)

They would be hand copied over one by one over but only if I needed
them.  That branch might never make it to fully functional eeschema,
just the lower level stuff only.  Then we'd have to park the GUI stuff
on top of it, but until then I would not even want GUI stuff in the same
directory, so that dependencies on the GUI do not crop in too early.

This is an entire foundational restart in terms of the underlying datatrees.

Once that is in place, then the GUI stuff is where most of the
re-usability would come into play, and more files could come over, or we
could bring the new files into the existing tree.

It sounds good, untangling it is another thing, and it may be harder
than it sounds.

This effectively means the new branch becomes EESchema as there would be
no way to merge it back into the testing branch without hand copying it
back over.  That could prove just as difficult as copying the UI parts
into tne new tree.  I'm not sure this it the way to go.  I'll sleep on
it.  Maybe I can see way more clearly tomorrow.


Due to all changes, a new branch is reasonable.
I assume the "new branch" is (in your mind) actually a new branch pushed to Launchpad,
not a subtree of the current testing branch
But (this is just an idea, I am not saying this is a good idea):
Keep the testing branch, and just create a new tree like testing/eeschema2 in the current testing branch and keep the current version in testing/eeschema.
In my mind, testing/eeschema2 is the new tree containing new files and subtree and can be seen as "the new branch"
Compiling files in testing/eeschema2 could made on demand, using a build option for instance.
testing/eeschema2 could contains only new files, an use files in testing/eeschema2 as long as they are compatible (if any).
This is perhaps a convenient way to work on the old and new eeschema version and merge bug fixes or enhancements in common files.
Common files can be updated (graphic functions, basic classes, dialogs for error reports ...) both for "old" and "new" eeschema versions more easily inside the same devel branch than if there are 2 branches.
When eeschema2 becomes eeschema this switch will be more easy.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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