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Improving usability of KiCad


Hi everyone,

I recently started using KiCad for a project I'm working on at home.
Overall I'm quite impressed with the current status of the software,  and as
far as I know it's the best open-source EDA package available.  I tried gEDA
briefly and found it limited and not very intuitive.

I've been using Altium Designer at work for a few years now so I've come to
appreciate it's MANY features.  I'm certainly biased towards their way of
doing things.

It's unlikely that an open source project will be able to compete with
commercial software,  but I think KiCad has a lot of potential even though
it has a lot of room for improvement.

I'm not much of a developer-- I'm okay with C but complex C++ stuff is
beyond me.  I doubt I can contribute any patches but I'd really like to help
improve KiCad.

How else can I help?  You might have guessed that I have a lot of ideas
about how the UI "should" work,  but if that's not up for debate then I
don't want to spam the list.

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