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Re: New part file format document.


On 16 December 2010 14:09, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Brian,
>> Even with the current software, try adding pins to your footprint that share the same
>> pin
> pad
>>  name.  I believe the netlist will know then that these pins
> pads
>>  are all equivalent and
>> are mapped to the very one and the same schematic pin.  I remember doing this, so I
>> think its there now.
>> Dick

Hi Dick,

I think I understand, and if so that is something I do right now. It
works brilliantly for such things as shields on connectors where there
are several pads needed for the same shield connection. I number/name
all of those pads 0, and do the same for one pin in the schematic and
all of the pads are connected in PCBNEW.

However, this would mean having custom TQFP footprints for each
processor as I would have to move away from conventional pad numbering
to change the power pad numbers for a specific device so that the
power connections join together.

Best Regards,