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Re: l-marcantonio wants to join


On 12/21/2010 01:47 AM, KiCad Bug Squad wrote:
> Hello Dick Hollenbeck,
> Lorenzo Marcantonio (l-marcantonio) wants to be a member of KiCad Bug
> Squad (kicad-bug-squad), but this is a moderated team, so that
> membership has to be approved.  You can approve, decline or leave it as
> proposed by following the link below.
>     https://launchpad.net/~kicad-bug-squad/+member/l-marcantonio


I am denying your request to add you to Kicad-Bug-Squad since you are already a member, by virtue of
your membership in kicad-testing-committers.

All members of team kicad-testing-committers are members of team Kicad-Bug-Squad since the team is a
member of the other team.

Kicad-Bug-Sqaud will occasionally accept team member, but it only makes sense if they are not in
kicad-testing-committers already.

If you find you need more control over your bug servicing efforts, I don't think it is related to
team membership, but rather some setting on the "Bugs" page.

Hope this clarifies,