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Re: [PATCH] wxWidgets 2.8 under Graphics Abstraction Layer Lib (GAL)


Hi Dick,

> You have twice as many in a
> >>> std::list,  I will use std::deque.  Its ten minutes to change it.
> >> Yes, I agree - this was just an initial choice - I've changed some
> types already to std::vector but the std::deque is also a good idea.
> >>
> > std::vector is better than std::list.  std::deque and std::vector are
> both
> > OK.  The only difficulty with std::vector is if you hundreds of
> thousands of
> > points in a polyline, in which case the backbone array needs to be very
> > large.  std::deque uses a segmented backbone, and could be slower than
> > std::vector for smaller numbers of points.

Yes, I've read as well, that at certain conditions the std::deque is faster. Especially for our cases it should be the best solution; so I changed anything to the deque. 

> virtual ~VECTOR2<T>
> Just let anyone deriving from VECTOR2<> add in virtual destructors, you
> don't need it at this level.  It causes the virtual function table to be
> copied and constructed, both of which cost time, for large numbers of
> points.

That's right; it was mainly a stub that Eclipse creates automatically. I've commented it out; if it should be used later, the comment just needs to be removed.


I had to apply some different changes for wxWidgets 2.8; now it should be run there as well. The problem is that I've changed to the image backend of Cairo and the blitting doesn't work like I'd like. So I'm using the code from wxCairo; but it's much slower than a direct access with wxNativePixelData that 2.9 provides. I think it is even there room for impovements.
The rubberbanding demo is still bit stupid; at the moment it displays only a QFN footprint (you can zoom with the mouse wheel and pan with the right mouse button). I'll implement dragging of some objects later and seperate the classes in different files.
There is still much in progress; also I have to add more documentation.

I've changed the branch owner to kicad-testing-committers. You should be able now to commit changes.

Bye ..

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