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Make USE_WX_ZOOM=ON the default.


I have been playing around with USE_WX_ZOOM=ON again because I've yet again run
up against my second least favorite global variable ActiveScreen.  It seems to
work fine on both Linux and Windows for displaying, printing, and plotting.
Has anyone using OSX tested this?  If there are no technical reasons not to use
it, I would like to make this the default setting to flesh out any corner case
behavior.  After any issues have been resolved, I would like to eliminate all
of the #ifdef USE_WX_ZOOM/#endif code and all of the dead code associated with
ActiveScreen.  This has the following advantages:

* Gets rid of global variable ActiveScreen.
* Eliminate redundant scaling functions.
* Remove a layer of drawing code complexity.
* Makes me happy :)

Any one have any objections?


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