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Re: Make USE_WX_ZOOM=ON the default.


On 12/gen/2011, at 22.00, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> On 1/12/2011 3:31 PM, Marco Serantoni wrote:
>> On 12/gen/2011, at 00.41, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
>> There are some problems with the refresh on pcbnew initially and zooming in and out the screen remains completly black, i've to understood why.
> This is strange indeed because DrawFrame::Recadre_Trace() calls
> DrawPanel::ReDraw() directly instead of issuing a refresh command.  Maybe there
> is an extra refresh sneaking in somewhere on OSX that doesn't occur on other
> platforms.  I'm not sure why this is implemented this way, JP may have some
> insight as to why the normal refresh isn't being used.

It couldn't be an extra refresh, OSX doesn't support correctly Logical Operators so i was forced to arrange each draw in solid with wxOverlay.

>> The great thing is that the subpixel lines are great with the OSX aliasing.
>> I can workaround that with some forced Refresh(), will impact on performace but for me is GO.
> I'm sure this works but it seems like an ugly hack to me.  I would like to see
> if there isn't a better solution before we add an extra refresh for OSX.

A temporary hack can be afforded until the problem is well focused.
the strange thing is that this doesn't happens with eeschema :)