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Re: How to apply new language ?


Le 16/01/2011 16:31, yone ken a écrit :


I have started to localize KiCad in Japanese.
I made language file (committed to lp:~kicad-developers/kicad/doc),
and modified source (attachment: kicad-jp.patch, Lang_Jp.xpm).

After 'make' and 'sudo make install',
I think KiCad was installed correctly.
But when I select language in Japanese, GUI still show in English.

My environment is
Ubuntu 10.10(x86_64), KiCad revno: 2710.

Could anybody help me? Thank's.

Kenta Yonekura (yoneken)

I committed you patch.
I cannot test your translation because Japanese language is not installedon my computer.
Usually, adding your files kicad.mo and kicad.po (in fact kicad.po is just for poedit) in subdirectory jp ou jp_JP,
inside kicad/share/internat or share/kicad/internat (depending on kicad is installed) is enough.
(For instance, I installed kicad on my computer in /usr/local,
all kicad files are in /usr/local/kicad and translations are located in /usr/local/kicad/share/internat)
If Japanese language if the default, select default language in kicad should work.
(In fact the language menu selection is useful  for developers to test different language).

Can you select some others languages? (Warning: these languages must alsobe installed in your Ubuntu distribution, if you want to use them in Kicad.)

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS