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Re: Latest version will not install on WinXP


On 01/25/2011 09:32 AM, David J S Briscoe wrote:
>  On 25/01/2011 15:13, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> On 01/25/2011 02:23 AM, David J S Briscoe wrote:
>>>  On 25/01/2011 07:53, jean-pierre charras wrote:
>>>> Le 23/01/2011 18:13, David J S Briscoe a écrit :
>>>>>   I have just downloaded the latest release version RC4 and on trying to
>>>>> install
>>>>> the program I receive the message
>>>>> I am using WINXP PRO. I have uninstalled the stable version of Kicad but
>>>>> this
>>>>> makes no difference.
>>>>> David
>>>> I have no problem to install Kicad from the downloaded file (Tested
>>>> under XP pro).
>>> I have just shortened the name of the file to
>>> KiCad-2011-01-22-BZR2754.exe and the file works properly. On my machine
>>> the long file name appears to present problems. Please consider using a
>>> shorter file name for the installation file.
>>> Thanks.
>> Please consider filing a bug report with the operating system vendor, if you
>> even bother to know who that is, or how to contact them.  I assume you use
>> it because you get excellent responsiveness to bug reports like this.
>> Dick
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> You assume wrongly and no need to be abusive. I use Kicad on Windows
> because this is the operating system I use at Work (a UK University).
> If Kicad can not be installed it will not be taken up further by the
> students I work with (I'm trying to convince the university to use
> Kicad). I use Ubuntu and Windows at home (as well as Altium Designer-Not
> available on Linux). I have just reported my experience as a user.
> Microsoft couldn't care less and soon there will be one less user of
> kicad if I keep getting replies like this.

David I apologize.  In particular for the usage of the phrase

"if you even bother to know who that is".  That portion was impolite and
indeed abusive.  I am sorry.  I go batshit anytime somebody asks me or a
team I am on, to make Microsoft happy.

The rest of the statement I make no apologies for however.  When software
developers have to truncate filenames to make Microsoft happy, I'd say the
world needs to chip in at that point and actually communicate with the
origin of the problem.

In truth, if we let them, Microsoft would have all software developers who
are not on their payroll, running in useless circles, while their
programmers actually go obtain all the business.  That is their M.O.  It is
a conflict of interest that the world needs to pay more heed to, and I was
in part trying to get you to do that.

Again, I am sorry for the personal affront.