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Re: What GUI builder currently used with kicad?


Le 27/01/2011 06:54, Phinitnan Chanasabaeng a écrit :

I'm wondering what GUI buider (such as wxFormBuilder) is being used with kicad. Or is kicad GUIs are all hand-coded?


Dialogs are built with wxFormBuilder.
Have a look to eeschema/dialogs or pcbnew/dialogs.

files build by wxFormBuilder are named mydialog_base.xxx:
mydialog_base.fbp, and automatically created files are mydialog_base.cpp and mydialog_base.h
These files are *never* edited by hand.

files like mydialog.cpp and mydialog.h contains the specific kicad code.
dialog classes are named something like MY_DIALOG_BASE in wxFormBuilder files.
The actual dialog class is named something MY_DIALOG and is derived from MY_DIALOG_BASE
(This is the usual way of work with wxFormBuilder)

Very few dialogs are built "by hand".

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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