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Re: What GUI builder currently used with kicad?


On 1/27/2011 2:35 AM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
> Le 27/01/2011 06:54, Phinitnan Chanasabaeng a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I'm wondering what GUI buider (such as wxFormBuilder) is being used with
>> kicad. Or is kicad GUIs are all hand-coded?
>> Tony
> Dialogs are built with wxFormBuilder.
> Have a look to eeschema/dialogs or pcbnew/dialogs.
> files build by wxFormBuilder are named mydialog_base.xxx:
> mydialog_base.fbp, and automatically created files are mydialog_base.cpp and
> mydialog_base.h
> These files are *never* edited by hand.
> files like mydialog.cpp and mydialog.h contains the specific kicad code.
> dialog classes are named something like MY_DIALOG_BASE in wxFormBuilder files.
> The actual dialog class is named something MY_DIALOG and is derived from
> (This is the usual way of work with wxFormBuilder)

Please read the Kicad coding policy so the code that you write is formatted
properly.  Patches are likely to be rejected if you do not follow the coding

Also, read the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines at:


This is the standard for laying out Kicad dialogs.  You will find some of the
older dialogs that do not conform to the GNOME HIG around but we have done a
pretty good job of fixing most of these over that past few years.

Any help in improving the current dialogs and/or converting the hand coded
dialogs into wxFormBuilder dialogs would be greatly appreciated.


> Very few dialogs are built "by hand".