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Re: [PATCH] Saving plot dialog settings


Le 29/01/2011 15:33, Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

I went back and took a look at your commit one last time, and I again want
to complement on your excellence.  It is *extremely* good, nice looking work.

It is clear that your experience with C++ is substantial, and I appreciate
the degree to which you have been willing to conform to established practices.

Thanks Marco!


Thanks also, Marco.

But I must say there are 2 issues which must be solved:

1 - if outputdirectory is empty ( ie: (outputdirectory "") ),a PARSE_ERROR is displayed. Should not.
    Easy to reproduce: open the plot dialog, erase the output directory field,
    save params, save board file and reopen it.
2 - Each time relative paths can be used, use and store relative path. This is a *golden rule*.
    I am talking from experience. Here is my reason:
	1 - this is the easier way to keep compatibility between Windows/Linux/MacOS in .brd files.
            The same working directory can have different name.
	2 - in many cases users do not use only one computer, for instance in schools.
	    The absolute path of the working directory is not always (or never) known.
For instance, files can be stored on an USB key, and the working directory does not have the same path on each computer (this is a common case).
	3 - Use absolute paths can create tricky bugs: for instance: you have a project called myproject.
You want to test a minor change, so to do it, you create a new project called myproject1, that is the copy of the first project. Because an absolute path is stored in the .brd file, all plot files created by the new project will be written in the first project (and break the first project p^lot files). For an user, this is the kind of issue that is very difficult to see.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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