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Re: Kicad Library Concept Ideas


On 02/02/2011 11:49 PM, Simon Rogers wrote:
> Hi,
> That was our intention in order to contribute something back but happy 
> to help with your server.
> I am still mulling over the how the LPID works. I will re-re-re-read 
> design.h and the code in new.

Good, it would be good for you to have that understanding first.

Start by conceptually, i.e. algorithmically walking through:

  PART* LIB_TABLE::LookupPart( const LPID& aLPID, LIB* aLocalLib )

and conceptually step through that until you end up in


This path is basically a matter of resolving the four elements of the LPID.

LookupPart does work already, and there are some lazy operations that happen
only once and only when needed.

When I have more time I will make a main test program for the DSO/DLL.  That
will give you a chance to single step through things and test it, as I did
back when it was being built as a monolithic image.

Because I am thinking the final product will be a DSO/DLL, I think it should
grow up as such from here forward, as a DSO/DLL.  On Linux, this should
simply mean setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH before starting the debugger.

How much C++ experience do you guys have?  And do you have any questions for me?


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