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Re: pcbnew --plot=gerber bug and workaround (was Re: first mail, introducing command line options for eeschema and pcbnew)


Jerry Jacobs wrote:
> The names are aliases for the corresponding layers:

Yes, the extensions I normally see are something like

  g = Gerber
  |t/b = Top/Bottom
    l = (copper) Layer
    s = Solder mask
    o = silk screen Overlay
    p = solder Paste
    r = Riddle ;-)  (used for "Comment" and "PCB_Edge")

I didn't investigate whether they're always like this, though.

The "strange" I referred to were the extensions I get when using
Wolfgang's patch, when letting  pcbnew --plot  plot all known
layers. If naming the layers explicitly or when using the Plot
dialog in pcbnew, I get the usual extensions.

- Werner

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