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Re: Compiling KiCAD release version March 2011


On 21 March 2011 21:00, Milind Gupta <milind.gupta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. I did go through the CMAKE steps. I am following these
> steps:
> http://www.valvers.com/OpenHardware-KiCad
> But compilation gives these errors.
> Milind

Hi Milind,

As they are my instructions (mainly so I don't forget some of the
stuff in there) I should provide you some support.

The problem you list is exactly as I noted on that page, it looks like
you have not built wxWidgets with the modified setup.h. You must edit
that file to set wxUSE_GLCANVAS to 1 and wxUSE_UNICODE to 1. This is
not the same as setting the command line options for enabling unicode
and open-gl.

You will need to edit this file in the wxWidgets source code and then
clean and recompile wxWidgets.

I promise those instructions work, I did a clean build the other day
and added in the __WXDEBUG__ definition for the debug build.

If you still have troubles, I am willing to step through a fresh
compilation by the instructions to make sure I've not messed anything

Best Regards,