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Re: FindwxWidgets.cmake


On 04/05/2011 08:44 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> We currently use a custom(?) version of FindwxWidgets.cmake that was cherry
> picked from a more current version of CMake than we were using at the time.
> The problem is our version of FindwxWidgets is suffering from bit rot.  The
> version in CMake 2.8.4 ( and possibly earlier ) has some enhances that make it
> more usable when you have multiple versions wxWidgets installed on your system.
>  I would like to remove our local version of FindwxWidgets.cmake and use the
> one that ships with CMake.  Does anyone have any objections or reasons not to
> do this?

No objections from me on the concept.   But realize that the topmost
CMakeLists.txt in our cmake stack only requires 2.6.4 currently.  So nobody
is forced into the new FindwxWidgets.cmake support, as perhaps you are
assuming they should be or will be.

For MS Windows in particular (cross building from Linux or not, both), and
other platforms too, I still say there is tremendous value in us providing
cmake "external project" support to build wxWidgets and anything else that
needs to be built.  This is a separate subject.  But I've given it some
thought on how to best do it so we do not munge our current Kicad build
cmake stack, which would remain as is.  Basically it would entail putting an
*optional* CMakeList.txt wrapper around everything, platform dependent, and
treating Kicad itself as an external project from there along with all the
other external projects.


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