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Re: SWEET White-paper [off-list]



Below I answer your questions hopefully.

> I was going to stick something up on my wiki about SWEET - I thought you had
written something like
> a white-paper - but couldn't find it on the mailing list?
> Is the attached drawing still the target?


> My primary motivation was to nail the terminology of parts vs components and provide a picture of 
> where things are headed.
> I'm thinking I will also write something up to attempt to give a birds eye view of what is in the 
> works as a link to point to.
> If I have the idea right? :
> A 'component' is a schematic symbol that has pins - number, and names associated with it.
> A 'component' becomes a 'part' via fields that are attached that extend its substance.
> A 'part' will exist as a separate file or url
> A schematic will engulf the parts placed in it.
> A schematic can be pointed at as a collection of parts.

No, start with the procedure below, which will give you HTML output complete
with definitions of terms.

> ,.,.
> I'm running 2707 for some design work I'm doing - I'm hesitant to upgrade as I'm not sure what state 
> things are in right now?  Should I just upgrade to the latest or grab an older snapshot?

I always upgrade, and if there are problems, report them right away.  Only
newest code can ever be fixed, plus you can backup by simply checking out an
older version again.

To generate the SWEET conceptual/design documentation (aka whitepaper):

$ cd <kicadsrc>
$ bzr up
$ cd new
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../

# get a build menu:
$ make help

# verify Doxygen is installed, and in the path
$ sudo apt-get install doxygen

$ make new-docs

# back up into new, out of build
$ cd ../ 

$ firefox html/index.html

The first (main) page tells the important terms, including component and part.

Hope this helps.