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Re: A Users summary to the work you are doing?


On 04/14/2011 11:03 PM, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> I wanted something to point to that was User rather than developer oriented.
> http://wiki.xtronics.com/index.php/Kicad#New_under_development_Distributed_Library_System_for_Kicad.27s_EESCHEMA
> If you could give a quick look and see if I misrepresented anything?

This sentence reads wrong:

"This abstraction allows others can write other applications, library managers
plug-ins and more that can source and sink parts."

Potential additions:

The part name can have one level of "category" in it, allowing the partitioning
of parts into different "directory like" areas within a library source.

By far the most important benefit, in my opinion, is the parts list, class
PARTS_LIST.  It lives within the schematic, has a spreadsheet user interface,
and ensures all parts have the same fields and properties, and essentially is
the genesis of a BOM.  The parts list is a library source for the current
schematic, but can also be used as a (read only) library source for other
schematics too, meaning now that one schematic can feed into another, and that
your library management, to a large extent, becomes the same as your parts list

So it is definitely an error to omit parts list.