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Re: unable to edit pin properties, is this a bug?


On 04/18/2011 03:55 AM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
> Le 18/04/2011 07:41, Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :
>> In the attached image, I am unable to right click on the greyed out pins and
>> edit the pin's property.
>> Is this because they have no length?  Feels like a bug, but thought I'd ask.
>> Thanks,
> Works for me, but the mouse cursor must be very near the pin.
> The component outline that is exactly on these pins is often selected when the mouse cursor is not very bear the pin.
> An alternate way is to move this outline to allows an easy selection of the pin.

> (Selection clarification is not yet available in Libedit).

I was not aware of that.  I miss it already.

> About others issues (libedit and pin editor) I do not have these issues,
> but I am using wxGTK 2.8.12 and Ubuntu 10.1, 32 bits, not exactly your wxGTK version.

Some time in wxFormbuilder on this dialog is needed.  I'll see if I can find
time some day.

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