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Windows build cmake script


I thought I best let you know that I'm at least getting somewhere with
this build script. There is still quite a bit to do, but it shouldn't
take too much longer to have the complete chain working. Once the
script is capable of getting all dependencies and building the latest
KiCad source code, I'll tidy it up and introduce some more comments.

At the moment the script can check-for and download mingw if
necessary, and then download and build wxWidgets-2.9.1.

wxWidgets-2.9.1 does not need patching like 2.8.12 to build correctly
using mingw32-make and it also defaults to the settings required by
KiCad (UNICODE=1 MONOLITHIC=0 SHARED=0 USE_OPENGL=1) so it's very easy
to build.

I will get bzr added in this week and will then add the KiCad source
code + build step.

It shouldn't be too long now.

Oh, I pushed it to launchpad too if you fancy a nosey at it:

Best Regards,


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