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Re: Windows Easy Build


On 06/07/2011 08:27 AM, Brian Sidebotham wrote:
> Hey guy's,
> Sorry I've been extremely busy lately. I just noticed a Windows build
> enquiry on the users list and thought I better email a heads-up here
> about the state of the cmake script for easily building KiCad on
> Windows.
> It is very nearly complete. Currently you need to have cmake and
> bazaar installed, everything else is tested for and installed as
> necessary. The build uses wxWidgets 2.9.1 and can then branch the
> KiCad bazaar head and compile successfully.
> My TODO list is:
> (1) Download and install of bazaar as necessary
> (2) General tidy up of script, perhaps turn some of the more complex
> checks into functions
> (3) Get some people to test it!
> So it's very close. Installing Bazaar from the script might not be
> very straight forward as the PATH environment won't update in the
> current shell with the install of bazaar, so the script will not be
> able to know where it is.
> If it appears too troublesome to start with I will just post the
> script with bazaar being a dependency and we can decide at a later
> date if it's possible to install bazaar in some other way.
> If I put the script up as a launchpad project then people will need
> bazaar installed to get the script anyway, so I'm not sure bazaar as a
> dependency is too big a deal.
> Best Regards,
> Brian.


Incremental enhancement seems to be a common strategy in software, so don't feel

What you have should sound good to Windows users, perhaps already, depending on
how well it works.

Maybe Wayne or somebody could take a look at it and try it as an initial
screening before you decide on how much advertising to invest quite yet.

I'd be more interested in a Linux version which builds a Windows Kicad program
set/binary, but I understand that can come later.

Thanks much for all your work on this!