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Windows Easy Build


Hey guy's,

Sorry I've been extremely busy lately. I just noticed a Windows build
enquiry on the users list and thought I better email a heads-up here
about the state of the cmake script for easily building KiCad on

It is very nearly complete. Currently you need to have cmake and
bazaar installed, everything else is tested for and installed as
necessary. The build uses wxWidgets 2.9.1 and can then branch the
KiCad bazaar head and compile successfully.

My TODO list is:

(1) Download and install of bazaar as necessary
(2) General tidy up of script, perhaps turn some of the more complex
checks into functions
(3) Get some people to test it!

So it's very close. Installing Bazaar from the script might not be
very straight forward as the PATH environment won't update in the
current shell with the install of bazaar, so the script will not be
able to know where it is.

If it appears too troublesome to start with I will just post the
script with bazaar being a dependency and we can decide at a later
date if it's possible to install bazaar in some other way.

If I put the script up as a launchpad project then people will need
bazaar installed to get the script anyway, so I'm not sure bazaar as a
dependency is too big a deal.

Best Regards,


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