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Re: Component fields use case


On 1 September 2011 06:28, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Proposal:
> Are you ok with licensing this work under GPL?  If so, can we check these into a
> contrib directory or something, as part of the tree, along with a readme.txt or
> readme.html file?
> (Although I think that posting which talks about the %B etc, is close to what
> might be good enough.)
> If OK, let us know.  You can always change them later, as can anyone.
> I'm not saying that they'd get installed as part of Kicad, but they should be in
> the tree for someone to learn from and modify.  And then if enough folks want
> them in the install, that seems easy enough in the future.
> Any one object?
> I'd like to see a growing body of work evolve out of the xml based generic
> netlist export file.  I have a Java based BOM generator now, that I would ditch
> in favor of a python version if it did what I want.  So I see perhaps several
> alternative implementations evolve from yours in here.
> Dick

Hi Dick,

Yes this is OK, GPL is absolutely fine. I can do the readme, and
perhaps one more scan through and tidy up would be nice too.

Best Regards,