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Re: [PATCH] new hotkeys window + some menu entry mistakes corrected + CONTRIBUTE file added


hum, thanks for the good explanation. I think the patch I submitted
does actually work. and it actually make the key B behaviour exactly
as the bus icon click behaviour.
And that seems to me a good think. It is true that the key B does not
include in it the first click but nor does the icon click. This
coherence seems a good thing to me as it the good looking menu.

 Is the need of a first click after you press the key B that bugs you?
>From your message that seems really what you do not like. If so, let
me argue that for instance Inkscape (a pretty great too) does require
as well a first click after (for instance) F4 is pressed (the key to
draw a square). And I think it is normal. the B key gives you the bus
tool, it is then up to you to decide when and where to use it on the
sheet. Even the bus icon gets greyed out when B is pressed....

Forgive me if I am still miss the point. If I still do please point
out what exactly I need to do to show the problem in my
compiled/submitted version.


On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 6:10 PM, jean-pierre charras
<jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Le 03/09/2011 16:53, fabrizio a écrit :
>> jean-pierre,
>> I kind of get point. My consideration was more about a good looking
>> menu then 10% coherence. See in attachment how the great TextMate
>> does. I just think that the<>  is redundant because when for instance
>> "B" appears next to Bus in the Place menu, that means that the "B" is
>> the shortcut key for the command "place bus", it is not necessary to
>> indicate<B>. I also think that it is important to justify all keys
>> right. Notice that (in my opinion) the same thing should be done in
>> the ohtkeys list window.
>> Now if commands change (or become inactive) because the mouse is
>> somewhere outside the sheet or whatever and the key does not work (as
>> I think is the case to mention), well no worries, I guess it is just
>> the way it is. Regardless, from an aesthetic point of view, I think we
>> should follow the TextMate way (which is also your way for CTRL-F for
>> Find).
>> I do not think that people will ever understand the difference between
>> your CTRL-F and your<B>.
>> This is just my opinion of course. I hope this will help.
>> cheers
>> Fabrizio
> I agree the right justified hot key is by far better than <B>.
> But the difference is not for users, it is for wxWidgets event handler.
> For instance, using the place bus command:
> When you click on the place bus menu (or the place bus tool on right side on
> Eeschema),
> only the place bus tool is selected.
> When you click on B, the place bus tool is selected (if not already
> selected) and a bus is always started from the mouse cursor location.
> Same behavior for place junction and other items.
> The callback functions called by a key event is not the same callback
> functions called by clicking on a menu.
> Unfortunately, when you create a menu with a hot key (i.e. a menu with a key
> right justified by a tab),
> when clicking on the hot key,
> the callback function called (by wxWidgets) by clicking on the key is always
> the menu callback function,
> not the keyboard callback function.
> Therefore if B is right justified (i.e. not displayed as <B>),
> place bus tool is selected (as it does) but a bus is not started,
> because the right callback function (keyboard function) is not called (this
> is the callback function relative to the menu that is called).
> (or the hotkey J does not place a junction ...)
> Unfortunately, until now, I was not able to solve safely this problem.
> (Perhaps we can make the difference in menus callback functions by testing
> the mouse buttons state,
>  and expect no mouse button down when the keyboard is used, although it is
> not a safe way,
>  and this way needs changes in Kicad code)
> If you know the right way (in wxWidgets) to know inside a callback function
> if it is called by the keyboard or by click on a menu,
> the <B> notation will be safely removed ( and the Kicad internal code
> simplified).
>> On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 3:53 PM, jean-pierre charras
>> <jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>> Le 03/09/2011 15:29, fabrizio a écrit :
>>>> Dear All,
>>>> this is my first patch, I hope it will be all right. This is what I have
>>>> done.
>>> ....
>>>> 2) hotkeys in the "Place" top menu are now properly displayed. They
>>>> are right justified and appear without the unnecessary "<>".
>>> This is not possible:
>>> As clearly written in comments in many places,
>>> when a key appear inside "<>" this is a comment, not a hotkey equivalent
>>> to
>>> the menu.
>>> This is due to the fact some hotkeys do not the same thing as the place
>>> menu
>>> items.
>>> Therefore we cannot use always \t instead of "<>"
>>> (It happen each time the command use the mouse position to do something,
>>> and
>>> this is the case in place menu).
>>> Unless someone knows, with wxWidgets,
>>> when the same command event is generated by a hot key or by clicking on
>>> the
>>> menu,
>>> how we know the command event is due to a click on the hot key or click
>>> on
>>> the menu.
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