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Re: new bitmaps


> Hi Dick,
> I hope you and you're family are all in good health; That is the most
> important thing bar none.
> Keep yourself safe.
> All the best,
> Brian.

Thanks to you Brian and all that expressed concern.  (Brian I also appreciate
the fact that you offered to write the PNG stripper, which we did not need.)

I figured out how to use my cell phone as a usb tether on linux, should get
formal internet back up soon.

So if I am quiet, its because we are still busy preparing for the next fire. 
Until it rains, we are now assuming another one is coming, because we still have
fire fuel in some places.  Put out about 50 stump fires in the last 3 days with
garden hose, and 5 gallon pails, tomorrow I start on the chainsaw, probably
through the weekend.


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