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About the new bitmaps


OK, trying the new spectacular icons :P

Launching kicad I get a few assertion trips (I'm using both wx and gtk
in debug mode...)

(kicad:22000): GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: Inline XPM data is broken: Invalid XPM header

(kicad:22000): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_drawable_get_size: assertion `GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (drawable)' failed

(kicad:22000): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_drawable_get_depth: assertion `GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (drawable)' failed
[Debug] 12:24:13: ./src/gtk/bitmap.cpp(927): assert "Ok()" failed in HasPixbuf(): invalid bitmap

[Debug] 12:24:53: ./src/generic/imaglist.cpp(69): assert "(bitmap.GetWidth() >= m_width && bitmap.GetHeight() == m_height) || (m_width == 0 && m_height == 0)" failed in Add(): invalid bitmap size in wxImageList: this might work on this platform but definitely won't under Windows.

It seems that something miscompiled or such... I'll try with
a clean/rebuild this night (it takes *way* too long to rebuild
everything when I'm working:P)

The new icons are nice but IMHO a little too colorful, I find them
distracting... (for example why the junction button is red?). Also
they're biggish but at least they fit in a 1024x768 scren.

If possibly I'd make the 'toggle border' (which indicates a set button)
a little wider (for example for the 'high contrast' button and so on);
actually most (maybe all) of them have a bigger feedback on screen (i.e.
I don't need to look at the button to see that I'm using high contrast!)

All in all I find them nice (even if too flashy)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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