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Re: [PATCH] better GUI and buttons


On 09/09/2011 03:11 AM, fabrizio wrote:
> Dick,
> good morning.
> The patch I submitted does not contain the re-built PNGs after some
> .svg were modified by my, I thought this is what I was supposed to do
> and that is why it is necessary to rebuild the PNGs. If you prefer in
> attachment you can find the same patch for which it is not necessary
> to rebuild the PNG. The patch is however 6.5MB. This I immagine is the
> consecuence of considering PNGs as part of the code.
> I am changing the .svg so I guess that makes me a :PNG maintainer"
> I hope this will help to clear up the misunderstand. If not, please
> advise what to do.
> cheers
> Fabrizio


I apologize for the tone of my 2nd to last email, I see now that it could have
been misinterpreted.  Your work is very much appreciated.  Our repo, and your
checkout, and anyone's checkout has files in it.

The *.svg files are in it.  The *.obj files and the *.o files and the *.png
files are not in it.  This is because they can be rebuilt through tools.

The *.cpp representations of the bitmaps are also already in the repo by
design.  So when creating a new bitmap, we need the *.svg file, and a PNG
MAINTAINER needs to generate the *.cpp file, and make sure both are added to the
bzr repo with:

$ bzr add <source_path>/<some>.svg  <cpp_path>/<some>.cpp

The <some>.png file is only needed temporarily to build the <some>.cpp file. 
And technically only the png maintainer who creates the <some>.cpp file ever
even sees it on his/her disk.

This is because the <some>.cpp file gets added to the repo.  This saves other
builders from having to install all the PNG MAINTAINER tools.

Normal, non PNG MAINTAINER builders can build Kicad without even having the
actual <some>.png file ever be on their disk.

And as Wayne said, as long as you set MAINTAIN_PNGS to ON, all you should have
to do to build a bitmap's *.cpp, is do a

$ make

_Only changed_   *.svg files get re-processed through the png tool flow and out
to *.cpp.

This was the whole idea about the build automation that I spent two days on. 
Two days is probably a small portion of the time you spent, so again, thanks for
your efforts.  And I certainly did not intend to de-motivate you from continuing
your effort towards perfection.  Please do continue.  We are all very appreciative.