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Re: [PATCH] new menu accelerators in the Place menu


On 13/09/2011 10:04 a.m., fabrizio wrote:
> hauptmech,
> good morning, well the hotkey/accelerator patch is kind of parked in
> my head for now, not so many people (like you and maybe me) seem too
> much concerned about menu accelerators.
> Current hotkeys functioning is in my opinion wrong and in your opinion
> (and in the opinion of some other guys) great. I can easily live with
> that, no problem.
> As you kind of proposed I would then make  the "Place" menu with no
> accelerators and no kotkeys suggestions. I agree too that the hotkeys
> setup window (now a good html) is more then enough for users to learn
> then.
> How does it sound?
> Regards
> Fabrizio

I was trying to be diplomatic so my english was not clear. I do not like
the current tool hotkey functionality of adding a mouse click...

I think your proposal above is good. I have not looked at the recent
changes... Allowing the user to set their own accelerator if they want
to is also good in my opinion.

Anyway, let's see what the others have to say.