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Re: GAL edit merges


Hi Dick,

> I just wanted to give you heads up.  Merging code is not fun for me, so I
> assumed it would
> not be fun for you.

Well, we have in our company the same challenges; I just have to make shure that it doesn't get too much out of sync. I should check in more often, perhaps we should make tags for relative stable versions (if I break something). 

> Hopefully BZR does most of the hard work.  In general I find it is better
> not to diverge
> too far however, since that usually means less manual work.  Of course by
> "not diverging
> too far", this means coming back to a common repo with commits and merges
> on a smaller
> changes, frequent commits, basis.

It will be interesting for me if BZR merges better than Subversion.

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