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Re: GAL edit merges


Hi Torsten,

Some concerns about GAL:

1) what would be the cost of doing OPENGL_GAL::DrawGrid()
using the GAL API itself?  (This would be better "self promotion", than using the opengl
API, or cairo API, and would let this function be moved up into GAL itself.)

2) To best capitalize on the hardware acceleration, I wonder if we should not separate the
generation of the opengl display lists, from actually repainting them on the screen.
This means *two* functions, something like this:

a) The scene has changed, create new opengl display lists.

b) The on screen wxWindow containing a GAL has been resized or uncovered, simply use
existing opengl display lists and ask opengl to put them on screen.

This separation is what is being done in the existing 3d-viewer logic.    The board is
only scanned one time to generate the display lists, and in the 3d-viewer of course the
board never changes, so this separation of list generation and screen update becomes a big
performance win.

I have yet to find this separation 2) in the GAL.

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