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Re: Reorganization and QC of kicad library


Hi Tony,

On 11/03/2011 10:09 AM, Phinitnan Chanasabaeng wrote:
> I'm current working on a new set of standard & guideline for kicad's
> library.
> This work will be based on previous discussions and any publicly
> available standard.
> I'll push it to launchpad
> at lp:~kicad-lib-committers/+junk/library-experiment a long with
> examples as soon as it is ready.
> I think with the new library, quality check should be taken more
> seriously to ensure compatibility and correctness.
> Please leave me any addition comment & suggestion so I can include it
> in the guideline.

I was thinking of adding an easy (i.e. integrated) way to kicad to
submit + download library components, possibly with a way to rate the
quality and add feedback.  Nothing over-engineered tho.

User-submitted components wouldn't directly go into the "official" kicad
library, but could maybe easily pulled over, once quality standards are met.

What do people think?


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