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Re: Reorganization and QC of kicad library



hauptmech, thank you for the doc, it is very useful. I only have
ipc-7251,7351 here.  I'll read through it and see what I can apply to the
I also plan to develop such calculator or at least a better footprint
viewer for kicad. This viewer will be very useful for Cvpcb & Pcbnew.

fabrizio, I would like to create a new library set for kicad. What I'm
doing now is defining standard, guideline, etc (drawing style, naming
scheme, etc)  for the library.
This works is due to, in fact, I (almost) never use current kicad library
which is, IMHO, lack of consistency, standard, not quite beautiful.
I use my own set of library (and I think many do). I think we should share
the library so we can improve library usability & variety.
I thought about improving the current library. But it can break any existed
design. Therefore starting a new library is better choice for me.

Simon, good idea. With user submitted libs, kicad library dev (could be
kicad-library-committer) can review if the library meet the defined
standard and merge to the main branch. One problem that came to my mind,
where will the submitted libs store?


On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 7:01 PM, Simon Schubert <2@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> On 11/03/2011 10:09 AM, Phinitnan Chanasabaeng wrote:
> > I'm current working on a new set of standard & guideline for kicad's
> > library.
> > This work will be based on previous discussions and any publicly
> > available standard.
> > I'll push it to launchpad
> > at lp:~kicad-lib-committers/+junk/library-experiment a long with
> > examples as soon as it is ready.
> >
> > I think with the new library, quality check should be taken more
> > seriously to ensure compatibility and correctness.
> > Please leave me any addition comment & suggestion so I can include it
> > in the guideline.
> I was thinking of adding an easy (i.e. integrated) way to kicad to
> submit + download library components, possibly with a way to rate the
> quality and add feedback.  Nothing over-engineered tho.
> User-submitted components wouldn't directly go into the "official" kicad
> library, but could maybe easily pulled over, once quality standards are
> met.
> What do people think?
> cheers
>   simon

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