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Failure-to-save bug in eeschema library editor ?


There seems to be a problem with the eeschema
library editor in recent BZR versions of kicad:
Changes to edited parts aren't saved to disk, and the only
way to exit the library editor is to discard all changes :-(

I've now checked the BZR versions that I've been running lately,
and it works in BZR 3001 and 3153, and is broken in 3212,
3221 and 3226 (so it broke somewhere between 3153 and 3212).

I've updated my Debian recently, so I pulled BZR 3001
again (had deleted it :-) and the latest (BZR 3226), and
compiled both, to see if the problem was (in some obscure way)
related to library files on my system that have been upgraded
since compiling the various versions of kicad (No, it isn't ...).

To recreate:

  Start eeschema,

  start the Library Editor,

  "Select working library",
    (any library that you have write access to, e.g. in your project dir)

  "Load component to edit from the current lib",
    (any component will do)

  "Create a new component from the current one",
    (or change the component in some way, or create a new
     component, or ... - anything that's considered a change)

  "Update current component in current library",
    (this step can be skipped - the next step will
     then ask for inclusion of the changes, which
     doesn't make any difference on the behaviour)

  "Save current library to disk"
    Include last component changes?     Yes
    Modify library file "<name>.lib"?   Yes

Now, the <name>.lib and/or <name>.dcm file(s) should have been
updated, but no, they're not, and the "Save current library to disk"
icon (far left) doesn't inactivate (gray out) either.

Let's see if we can save the changed/new part to a new library:

  "Save current component to new library"

Yes :-), the file <part>.lib is created (in the current dir).
The file <part>.dcm doesn't get created, but it didn't either
in the earlier versions of kicad (maybe it should ?).

The only way to exit the library editor is to discard all changes:

    Library "<name>" was modified!
    Discard changes?

  No  -> Can't quit library editor :-(
  Yes -> The changes made are lost :-(

The running eeschema _does_ seem to remember the changes, though,
so I didn't notice the failure to save the changes to disk at first
(thought it was just a minor problem with the "changes made" flag) ...

... at least until I deleted the *-cache.lib files, and then
suddenly parts disappeared or reverted back to an older version :-(
Fortunately, it was only a few simple changes ...

Btw., "bzr -r revno:3001 update" _does_ downgrade the source to
BZR 3001, and the resulting kicad _is_ the older version (old style
icons and layout, and w/o the lib editor bug), but it presents
itself in the kicad titlebar as the newest BZR release ?
This was a bit confusing at first ...


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