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Re: New pcbnew ratsnest algorithm-What effect will this have?





I am still seeing a few ratsnest lines that I do not think should be shown, also with the
newer ratsnest algorithm.

These are the same 2-3 lines on a board that are shown with the old algorithm.  The two
nets, along with the entire board, are a result of a back import from freerouter.

I don't currently want to suggest a solution, since I am not up on the cause.

However, I simply want to say that I don't think it is appropriate to show ratsnest lines
unless there is an unconnected net, it is really that simple.

I can pluck out all the tracks in text form, and we can see if they are all tied
together.  But if you know of something that can fix this, say, by simply not using XOR
mode, then we should talk and think about that.



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