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Re: Concerns about clearing disagreements before committing.


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If one carefully reads your last response, I see that you:

a) Do not find it important to adhere to the coding standards.

b) Do not find it important to give extra weight to the leanings or inclinations of the
lead developers.

c) Do not really want to have a conversation about any of your work, something that a
functioning team must do.

I see that you were added to the team testing-committers when we switched to launchpad,
because Igor added you back when it was thought that anyone who knew how to spell C++
should be added.

What I am finding is that to properly construct a well functioning team, personalities
must be considered.   I find this within my own company and I'm finding it in open source
projects.   We have some very good team members on this team.   One of the things I am
most proud about is my contribution to team building within the KiCad project.
I have been proactive in a number of cases when I identified certain personality traits
that I thought would be good additions to our team.  My response in such cases has been
encouragement and even offering to grant commit rights before the person even asked for them.

Wayne and Marco Mattila are two cases in point.  These are both excellent team members.
Fabrizio is an excellent team member.  Many others are also.

My personal feelings are that we would like to keep you as part of the team
"kicad-developers".   However, at this time I do not think it is in the best interest of
the team "testing-committers" to have you as a member.

We need people who are easy to work with, can sell their ideas without feeling like they
are under attack.  In the 5 months that have passed since our original conversation, there
has been considerable movement in my opinion of your original ideas.  It is not impossible
to persuade and sell your ideas.  But it involves compromise, it involves listening, and
understanding the concerns of others so that you can address them.

The only thing I would like to change is that we work together on this.  If that is
something difficult for you, I will understand.  If you would like to work together, that
means we will have to have some conversation, you may send in some proposed patches, and
we may accept them, reject them, or modify them.
If the process gets any more torturous, then we will simply code this feature
ourselves.    In fact, in private conversation, I have already offered to do that.

Ironically, you still do not even understand

a) what I like about your code, and
b) what my objections are.

The act of persuasion is something we can not avoid it life.  Nothing happens in this
world until somebody sells something.  Sometimes what gets sold is an idea.  The first
thing they tell you in sales is to listen.


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