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Re: part pinouts in symbols and schematics


On 11/19/2011 2:43 AM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
> Le 18/11/2011 23:10, Simon Turner a écrit :
>> Hello everyone
>> I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I think it is
>> important. I am doing a design with an LM339, the numbering of the
>> pins on the schematic symbol are wrong. Now I am trying to change them
>> (and admit I'm no expert in KiCAD) but they keep reverting
>> back to what they were. How can I use this program is pinouts are
>> wrong and i can't correct them ???
> I never have problems to modify a lib component.
> What do you mean by "they keep reverting ..."
> Do you loose your changes when you save your changes, close Eeschema and
> reopen it ?
> When reporting an issue, you should explain *exactly* how to reproduce
> the issue.
> And other mistake can happen for the same component name found in more
> than one library.
> One can change one instance of this component, and the schematic can use
> an other instance (the first found).


JP's answer above is likely you problem.  When you modified the LM339
component, did you save it to a new library under a different name and
remember to include your new library as part of the project using the
library options dialog?  It is always a good idea to create a new part
with a different name whenever modifying an existing component in the
one of the KiCad libraries.  The reason is that Eeschema has a known bug
where it uses the first occurrence of a component name it finds in the
project library order.  This is why it is always preferable to use a
unique part name rather than depend on the library sort order to ensure
you get the proper component.  This problem will be resolved when the
new library and schematic file formats are implemented so it is being
address.  Most of this is alread documented in the "LibEdit" section of
the Eeschema help file.


>> I have commented before that many PCB footprints do not follow the
>> standard and mismatch with the schematic symbol, Do I have to
>> completely redo my own libraries from scratch ? As i have said before
>> i use KiCAD on more than one computer and have issues with
>> parts taking on new pinouts based on the library of whatever
>> installation i am using even if i have manually corrected them for
>> that project.
>> I have to say that at this point I am having serious concerns as to
>> the usability of KiCAD unless i have misunderstood how things
>> work, if i pick an LM339 from the library i assume it's pinout to be
>> correct - should i not ? how many other parts have "creative"
>> pinouts ?
>> While it is great to see an active development of KiCAD I question
>> whether it will ever be a serious program if we cannot get the
>> basics settled on part pinouts. i will try and learn how to create my
>> own symbol libraries so that I can work independently of the
>> KiCAD libraries and not have to correct things over and over or not be
>> able to correct them at all !
> Are you serious when you are thinking it is not possible to modify a
> symbol ?
>> Simon
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