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Re: kicad logo - anybody interested in helping?


On 01/10/2012 07:32 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> On 01/10/2012 07:24 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> 1)
>> KiCad is not that well known yet, so I would suggest using the word along with any
>> graphic, and in doing so, it would be nice if we can stick with the CamelCase we agreed to
>> a few months back:
>> KiCad
>> One could argue that for branding or marketing, the word is more valuable than the
>> graphic.  However it does not need to dominate the combination in size or presentation.

One last thought.  The K could be make to look like a transistor.  Then a simple

KiCad might be all you need.  But you might find another letter to doctor also.

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