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Re: first mail, introducing command line options for eeschema and pcbnew


sorry for replying to a 1-year old thread, but well, I finally
got back to the KiCad cmdline patches...

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:02:20PM -0500, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> The current version is 2730 so I'm not sure how cleanly your patches
> would apply.  Quite a lot has changed since version 2448.

I upleveled the patches to 3351 (current head) at


Some of it is hacky, some is clean. Any ideas how I could break
this down or submit somewhere?

Some of it also is subject to discussion - whether it's better
to drive cmdline execution through the DIALOG classes and skip
ShowModal(), or implement a second codepath and duplicate some
I have taken a pragmatic approach with the current patchset, typically
favoring solutions that reduce the number of lines of the patch.

I currently only implement a small subset of what is available in
the GUI, and will add as needed. The options and help text try to
follow the GUI layout and terminology. Below is what the current
patches give you.

Thanks a lot for working on the wonderful KiCad and making it
as useful as it is today!


Usage: eeschema [--help] [--list-sheets] [--plot <str>] [--plot-bw]
[--plot-sheetref] [--erc] [--netlist] [--bom] <path to .sch file>
  --help                command line help

  --list-sheets         list schematic pages

  --plot=<str>          File -> Plot [ps|svg|dxf]
  --plot-bw              Black & white (default: color)
  --plot-sheetref        Print page references (default: off)

  --erc                 Tools -> ERC (.erc)
  --netlist             Tools -> Generate Netlist (.net)
  --bom                 Tools -> Generate Bill of Materials (.bom)


Usage: pcbnew [--help] [--list-layers] [--layers <str>] [--drill]
[--drill-aux-origin] [--plot <str>] [--plot-fill-all-zones]
[--plot-drill-marks <str>] [--plot-mirror] [--plot-force-a4]
[--plot-aux-origin] [--plot-exclude-edge] [--svg <str>]
[--svg-board-edges] [--drc] [--pos] [--bom] [--cmp] [--vrml] <path to
.brd file>
  --help                        command line help

  --list-layers                 list names of enabled layers in .brd
  --layers=<str>                comma separated layers for plot and SVG

  --drill                       File -> Fabrication -> Drill File (.drl)
  --drill-aux-origin             Use aux axis as origin (def: abs)

  --plot=<str>                  File -> Plot [gerber|ps|dxf]
  --plot-fill-all-zones          Fill zones before plotting (not in the
  --plot-drill-marks=<str>       Drill marks [none|small|actual] (def:
  --plot-mirror                  Postscript: Mirrored plot
  --plot-force-a4                Postscript: Force A4 output
  --plot-aux-origin              Gerber & DXF: Aux axis as origin (def:
  --plot-exclude-edge            Gerber: Exclude PCB edge

  --svg=<str>                   File -> Print SVG [selected|board]
  --svg-board-edges              add board edges to SVG plots (def: off)

  --drc                         Tools -> DRC (.rpt)
  --pos                         File -> Fabrication -> Modules Pos.
  --bom                         File -> Fabrication -> BOM File (.csv)
  --cmp                         File -> Fabrication -> Comp. File (.cmp)
  --vrml                        File -> Export -> VRML (.wrl)