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Re: first mail, introducing command line options for eeschema and pcbnew


> eeschema [-h] [-l] [-p <str>] [-plot-bw] [-plot-sheetref] [-b] [-e] [-n] <path to .sch file>
>   -h, --help                     	displays help on the command line parameters
>   -l, --list-sheets              	list schematics pages
>   -p, --plot=<str>               	plots the board [ps|svg|dxf]
>   -plot-bw, --plot-bw            	plot: black & white (default: color)
>   -plot-sheetref, --plot-sheetref	plot: print sheet reference (default: off)
>   -b, --bom                      	generate bill of materials (.bom)
>   -e, --erc                      	generate electric rules check (.erc) file
>   -n, --netlist                  	generate netlist (.net)
> pcbnew [-h] [-d] [-list-layers] [-p <str>] [-l <str>] [-ps-pads-drill-opt <str>] [-mirror] [-fill-all-zones] [-drc] [-svg] [-svg-merge] [-svg-edge] [-pos] [-bom] [-cmp] [-vrml] <path to .brd file>
>   -h, --help                                   	displays help on the command line parameters
>   -d, --drill                                  	generates a .drl drill file
>   -list-layers, --list-layers                  	lists the names of all enabled layers in the .brd file
>   -p, --plot=<str>                             	plots the board [hpgl|gerber|ps|ps_a4|dxf]
>   -l, --layers=<str>                           	comma separated list of layer names (default: all enabled layers)
>   -ps-pads-drill-opt, --ps-pads-drill-opt=<str>	Postscript pads drill option [none|small|real] (default:small)
>   -mirror, --mirror                            	mirror plot (HPGL and Postscript only)
>   -fill-all-zones, --fill-all-zones            	fill zones before plotting
>   -drc, --drc                                  	generates a design rule check report (.rpt)
>   -svg, --svg                                  	plots the board in SVG format
>   -svg-merge, --svg-merge-layers               	merge layers into one SVG file
>   -svg-edge, --svg-board-edges                 	add board edges to SVG plots
>   -pos, --pos                                  	create front and back .pos component position files
>   -bom, --bom                                  	create a .csv bom
>   -cmp, --cmp                                  	recreate .cmp components file for CvPcb
>   -vrml, --vrml                                	generates a .wrl vrml board representation

Hi there, this would be really a great contribution. Command line
utils for Kicad is something I always dreamed!

Please, update your patches to one latest version and I'll surely help
testing them!