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Re: kicad logo - more samples


Hi Fabrizio,

nice work,

I am just wondering if maybe we should go for a simpler and less geeky logo, at the end of the day, popular logos are like "in" for liked in or "f" for facebook.

I agree, often the most successful companies have simple logos ( e.g. Nike etc. ) It's also easier to kept in mind.

I personally like the fish.
Me too :)

Have a look at 99designs.com, perhaps you can find some sort of inspiration.

Finding a good logo is not easy, we had for instance a process of over a half year together with a professional designer - until we found an agreement. One of the first steps was to collect words about the meaning/image of our company. Like round/angled, female/male, bright/dark, coloured/b&w etc.


just my 2c


On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 11:59 AM, hauptmech <hauptmech@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:hauptmech@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Wow, a buffet of options! Cool!

    The first two are the most sophisticated to my eye. The chip
    socket one with kicad inside is interesting. Dicks idea of the
    transistor K is interesting to me. Here's a 30 second mashup of
    Fabrizios concepts with Dicks idea.

    If i had time I'd adjust the arrow size and the positions of the
    horizontal legs of the transistor to frame word better and let the
    K be more obvious. Also I took the fist font that had similar
    proportions to the transistor. I'm sure there could be
    improvements there.