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Re: Question - Kicad and page orientation.


On 01/14/2012 12:25 AM, Alexander Zakamaldin wrote:
> For a long period of time Kicad has no choice of page orientation in an
> explicit form.
> There is predefined page orientation - landscape by default and portrait
> for A4 Kicad-GOST.
> This fact is annoying for a lot of Kicad newbie and sometimes for me.
> Maybe there is some circumstances not evident for me?

I know of no such circumstance which would make this difficult, especially now that we
have accessors for class PAGE_INFO.

Is there more to this than simply reversing the roles of GetWidthMils() and
GetHeightMils() when an internal boolean is set within PAGE_INFO?

If not, I will volunteer to do this, and would expect to have it done within 2 hours.

If more than this, then I may be hesitant to volunteer more.

Embellish my understanding please if it is too primitive.