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Re: Removal of datasheets to reduce installer


On 01/15/2012 02:34 AM, hauptmech wrote:
> On 01/14/2012 01:58 PM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
>> Le 14/01/2012 11:03, hauptmech a écrit :
>>> Opinions on removing the datasheets from the library to reduce the size
>>> of the installer?
>> What is the interest to reduce the size of installer (less than 200Mb)
> For myself, I don't always have access to a fat pipe and in New Zealand 
> I pay for every byte of traffic. My main reason for asking is to follow 
> up on a post in the questions section about splitting the installer into 
> two parts.
>> A lot of software has (by far) a larger size.
>> Such an EDA software needs of course binaries,
>> but also libraries, tutorials and docs are also mandatory.
>> Data sheets are part of doc.
>> No doc, useless software.
> In 5 years of using KiCad (though I don't use it often) I have never 
> looked at the datasheet PDF's provided with KiCad. I do use datasheets. 
> I have a large number that I use for reference when designing... just 
> not the same ones.
> If I did use a part for which KiCad has a datasheet... I would first 
> check the manufacturers website for the latest revision of the document. 
> So there is no win for me to have a datasheet from KiCad.

I agree.

> In my opinion: A url to the manufactures page on the part is much more 
> useful.

I agree, plus support to go get that document with a click would suffice.
Then we are maintaining links, not documents, and they don't change as fast as documents.