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Kicad and page orientation.


Recently I have built new Kicad testing release with 'page orientation' implementation.
Here is my opinion.
Page orientation works fine for screen output and PS plots but not OK for printouts.
For portrait orientation gnomeprint works just well (except for low resolution) but for
landscape orientation there is 90 degrees rotation discrepancy. Maybe reversing the roles
of GetWidthMils() and GetHeightMils() is not right way or maybe not enough?
As for UI it's just ugly for me... Why wxCheckBox for orientation choise? And why not wxRadioBox?
The "User" notation is not good because it confuses poedit. Maybe "User's" or "Custom"?
Poedit is confused because there is some other "User" notation which stands for "The user"
and there must be some other notation which stands for "The user's size".
Particular attention should be paid to GOST version. As for me, I have no deciding what to do.
GOST denies A4 landscape, non-metric sizes and user size too. Maybe this variants must be
disabled for GOST builds? Or maybe the right way is to add message box to UI  and implemen
corresponding warnings?

Thanks, Alexander.

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