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Re: Kicad and page orientation.


On 01/16/2012 11:50 AM, Александр Закамалдин wrote:
> Recently I have built new Kicad testing release with 'page orientation' implementation.
> Here is my opinion.
> Page orientation works fine for screen output and PS plots but not OK for printouts.
> For portrait orientation gnomeprint works just well (except for low resolution) but for
> landscape orientation there is 90 degrees rotation discrepancy. Maybe reversing the roles
> of GetWidthMils() and GetHeightMils() is not right way or maybe not enough?
> As for UI it's just ugly for me... Why wxCheckBox for orientation choise? And why not wxRadioBox?
> The "User" notation is not good because it confuses poedit. Maybe "User's" or "Custom"?
> Poedit is confused because there is some other "User" notation which stands for "The user"
> and there must be some other notation which stands for "The user's size".
> Particular attention should be paid to GOST version. As for me, I have no deciding what to do.
> GOST denies A4 landscape, non-metric sizes and user size too. Maybe this variants must be
> disabled for GOST builds? Or maybe the right way is to add message box to UI  and implemen
> corresponding warnings?
> Thanks, Alexander.

In Texas, we say thank you when somebody does a favor for us.

I am not equipped to deal with this conversation.