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Pad types


Two things I noticed:
- Why for the 'standard' preset is the silk front layer selected? It
  would be the first thing erased during production... isn't the 'pads
  on silkscreen' option a better way to do this? (only for documentation

- For the NPTH holes... I think that the 'all copper layer' is needed
  for DRC; sadly there are two kind of board fabricators:
  - The good ones that get two drill tapes (before and after plating)
  - The other ones that only use a single tape and decide to plate if
    there is copper under the hole

  Sadly, here most are in the second group... so if I don't delete from
  the gerber the pads all the hole get plated! 
  The good fabricators also are happier if there isn't copper since it's
  less wear for the drill tooling (in fact all the CAM editors have an
  option to remove unconnected drilled pads...)

  I think there should be a special treatment during plotting i.e. don't
  plot them or, better, force the no-copper option for them (maintaining
  DRC of course);

  Do someone have a use for an unplated coppered hole?

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl