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Error missed by eeschema DRC


Based on a true story!

I have this component (ugly and expensive safety relay) composed of
5 subparts, chip name RELAY-AAAB (obviously locked parts):

Subpart 1) Coil
Subparts 2-4) NO contact
Subpart 5) NC contact

during layout it happens that the contacts are not in that order, so
I define a RELAY-BAAA component:

Subpart 1) Coil
Subpart 2) NC contact
Subparts 3-5) NO contact

(aside: I could have changed the pins but then they wouldn't have
matched the datasheet, which is a bad thing)

Luckily I only have a pair of these so changing them by hand is not too
difficult: edit, change the chip name and change the subpart. Repeat
until done.

Well, I actually forgot to fix one subpart... so I had K2A, K2B, K2D and
K2E with the new chip RELAY-BAAA, K2C instead remained to RELAY-AAAB.

DRC signalled *no error* when different subparts used different chips!
Since IIRC there are already some coherency checks between subparts
I propose to add even this.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl