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Re: Compiling KiCAD under MSYS


Le 14/02/2012 11:15, arius a écrit :
Hello everyone,

Following exactly the description in 'COMPILING.txt' I'm not able to build KiCAD by using MSYS as build environment under Windows
7 (64 bit).
The problem is that wx header files cannot be found although the appropriate directories are within the search path of the gcc.
I tried many different settings but the only solution I have found so far was to replace within the generated makefiles all
occurrences of /usr/local (or whatever I have tried beside this) with the absolute Windows path to the wx installation directory.

Could someone please be so kind and provide some information about his/her MSYS build environment?

1) Where are the wxWidgets (MSW) sources located?

2) What has been passed as '--prefix=' to configure?
cmd: grep -i 'with options' config.status # could be executed in the wx build directory

3) Where have the wxWidgets binaries been installed?

4) Which mount points are existing?
cmd: mount

5) What are the search directories of gcc?
cmd: gcc -v -c foo.c 2>&1 | sed ':1;s,/[^/.][^/]*/\.\./,/,;t 1'

6) What does wx-config provide as location for headers and binaries?
cmd: wx-config --libs
cmd: wx-config --cppflags

7) Where is the wx library expected by the KiCAD build?
cmd: grep -i root_dir *.txt # could be executed in KiCAD's build directory

The reason why I would like to compile KiCAD is that I would like to continue my work on the translation resp. updating it.

Many thanks in advance.


wxWidgets can be located anywhere.
Just wx-config must be found by cmake and must be is a search path.

here is a command file I am using to generate cmake files to compile Kicad under windows:

echo wxWidgets path = $WXMSW
cmake -G "MSYS Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release $VERSION $INST_DIR -DwxWidgets_ROOT_DIR=$WXMSW ../../

The line
puts (temporarily) the wxWidgets directory in mingw/msys search path.
( I am using 2 wxWidgets versions, one compiled in /d/wxWidgets-2.9.3/Release, and the other one in /d/wxWidgets_svn/Release )

WXMSW defines the directory where wxWidgets was compiled (to find wx-config).

just run ./<this_command_file> to create makefiles, and then run make.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS