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Re: Kicad + V8/NodeJS/Swig [split from kicad ideas mail]


On 02/24/2012 08:54 AM, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo wrote:
Ok, I changed the topic of this thread, to match the discussion, which is about making Kicad fully scriptable in Javascript.

For speed reasons, and wide adoption, it seems that V8 must be our preferred engine.
Hi Miguel,

Did you consider using Lua as an alternative to JS? I've seen lots of applications scripted in Lua, but not too many using JS, A****m Designer being a notable example. There are a few reasons to adopt it: - It's extremely small: JIT VM is ~400 kB DLL/DSO with zero external dependencies, - provides integrated I/O libraries - there's no need for additional frameworks in the middle, like NodeJS, - beats every other VMed/interpreted language at execution speed. At certain benchmarks, it outperforms V8 by an order of magnitude,
- works out-of-the box with SWIG and other wrapper generators,
- integrates nicely with wxWidgets (http://wxlua.sourceforge.net/), facilitating easy GUI development for scripts.

I'm not claiming that Lua should be the only scripting language available in Kicad, but it's certainly got some advantages over the rest :)


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