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Re: [Bug 570021] Re: PCBNEW dialog "Pads Mask Clearance"


On 03/01/2012 02:52 AM, Andres Attemann wrote:
> Works!
> I was wrong with my previous comment when I expected that this value
> shall be saved to the brd file.

Pad2MaskClearance is saved in the board file, 100% sure, since I changed the code
yesterday.  See line 2865 in kicad_plugin.cpp.

It is also saved in "project settings" (although I don't fully understand how a project
differs from a BOARD.)

My ownership stake, relative to things that are board specific, is that they get saved in
the board file.

Some people may believe that some settings need to be saved outside the board.  I am not
as enthusiastic about that idea on the whole, but willing to accept that on a value by
value consideration under scrutiny of a higher need threshold.

Since we have this value being saved in two places, what you ran into is the loading
sequence dictating which of the two saved values was actually going to be the last one
winning.  I changed this sequence:


to this:


so that the BOARD is loaded after the "project settings".

Addtionally, there are "application settings" to be concerned about.

I would request that someone make a spreadsheet with rows being configurations settings,
and then list the 3 columns: BOARD, project settings, and application settings.   And
include definitions for the latter two.

Maybe with this high level overview we can begin to make sense of it all, have a
discussion, before any changes are made. 

On a topic like this, we need much more discussion and documentation, and far less
coding.  So I ask again that someone with some time make this spreadsheet.  It would be a
good addition to the user documentation after it stabilizes.