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KiCad roadmap - import 3D model from STEP files?


Hi everyone,

I am interested in using CAD data from STEP/IGES files, in the 3D viewer.

I am developing a standalone tool to help with this. So far I can read
STL, AMF and VRML with varying degrees of support, and generate a VRML
file which is compatible with KiCad. I am looking at using OpenCASCADE
to provide the ability to read STEP files. As a trial I have used the
OCC based FreeCAD to load a STEP file and export to VRML. It then
needs a bit of cleaning to import to KiCad.

I note that the OHR have something related to STEP and CAD models on
the list of desired features for KiCad, but I haven't been able to
find whether they have defined any work packages yet. If KiCad is
extended with new features, then it may mean I am wasting my time a
bit, but I guess it may not be for a while and an external would be
useful in the interim.

So I would be interested to know if there is anything in the roadmap,
and whether anyone is working on this type of stuff, or maybe no one


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